Are We Breaking Through the Noise?

Are We Breaking Through the Noise?

A pastor explores whether evangelistic seminars are still effective

Article by Loren Seibold

Does this still break through the "noise?"

Does this still break through the “noise?”

When I was still a young pastor, I invited a conference evangelist to one of my small churches. I remember working together before the meetings on a mail-out brochure with the headline “Blood on the Moon.” It had hot, florescent colors; pictures of beasts and the requisite whore of Babylon. At the time, I thought it rather garish, but it brought some people to the meetings and a few into the church. (To the evangelist’s credit, his presentations were far more spiritual and sensitive than his brochure depicted.)

Today the competition for people’s attention is even fiercer than just those few decades ago. Never before have so many had so much to sell, and they know how to do it effectively. When we join the advertising fray saying, “Hey! Over here! Look to us for the answers!” we’re part of a massive chorus. Why should they respond to our voice when a new SUV or new Oprah Book Club selection will salve the soul for a few moments? Why attend our event with a myriad of fabulous activities taking place?

One thing is for sure: Jesus doesn’t give us permission to fall silent, to sit in our pews and wait for someone to show up. We have to find a way to break through the noise. So, how are conscientious congregations drawing people to the Seventh-day Adventist message today?_______________________________________________________________________
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