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Editorial: God Can Make it Possible

Editorial by Emmanuel Asiedu

The whole Israelite community was overjoyed when, through King Solomon, they built a place of worship and dedicated it to the Lord. It became a house of prayer. “I was glad when they said onto me, let us go to the house of the Lord” (Ps. 122:1).

We serve a God who is “an impossibility specialist.” Although Chesapeake Conference’s Northeast church in Parkville, Md. (pictured), is a small congregation, God made it possible for them to acquire their own place of worship. Through the Columbia Union Revolving Fund (CURF), the church purchased and renovated an old building. At the dedication, the sanctuary was full to capacity. I could feel the presence of God, as well as the excitement and joy on the faces of all the church members.

Partnering With CURF

CURF is making ministry possible by helping finance the gospel ministry through assisting constituent churches and schools with purchasing buildings and land, making land improvements, completing renovations and other projects. This empowers congregations to better follow the gospel commission. I envision a day when all our constituent churches will have their own church buildings and worship God in Spirit and truth, and bring other people who are yearning for the salvation of our Lord to come.

This may sound like a great challenge. However, we serve a perfect and awesome God who has power to do more than we can ever imagine. I have witnessed and experienced the great and mighty power of God in my own life, and I believe it is possible that, through CURF, in partnership with members who invest, we will continue to provide low financing to our various constituent entities to embark on building projects and renovations.

Counting on God’s Promises

There are so many of God’s promises we can count on every day. My favorite ones are Luke 1:37: “For nothing is impossible with God” (NIV); and Jeremiah 33:3: “Call on me and I will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (NIV). We need to constantly remember who God is by intentionally recalling to mind His rich promises.

Each day I meditate on one promise of God and it gives me strength, peace and joy. I am able to go through each day with the hope that God is by my side, making me “more than a conqueror” (see Romans 8:37). 

Try meditating on the promises of God, and I believe your whole attitude and perspective on life will change. You will be strengthened each day and you will find peace in your struggles. I have tried it, and it is working for me. With God, all things are possible!


Emmanuel M. Asiedu, MBA, is secretary-treasurer of CURF and associate treasurer of the Columbia Union.


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