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The Greatness of God

Editorial by Paulo Macena

When King David decided to build the house of God, he prepared and planned for it. The Bible says that he bought all types of resources needed to build the temple. “Now for the house of my God I have prepared with all my might,” David said (1 Chr. 29:2).

David was so passionate about his mission that he used his own fortune to build the temple, and joyfully expressed the reason why: “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power and the glory, the victory and the majesty; for all that is in heaven and in Earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and You are exalted as head over all” (1 Chr. 29:11).

The greatness of God was the reason David was building the temple! He was not building a big temple for his own glory, but for the glory of God. We shouldn’t do things for our own greatness, or even for the greatness of organizations we serve, but only for the greatness of God.

How easy it is to forget about God? We keep building ministries, structures, systems, strategies and organizations. Instead of giving the glory to God, we want to receive it! We don’t verbalize this, but sometimes in our hearts we want our name to be glorified rather than His.

Let’s follow David’s example and work for the greatness of God.


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