Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

REACH Evangelism School Moves to WAU

Story by Celeste Ryan Blyden

At its March meeting, the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee voted to move the REACH Columbia Union Evangelism School—currently based in Philadelphia—to Washington Adventist University (WAU) in Takoma Park, Md.

The REACH School opened in 2014 when the union and university teamed up to provide young adults an opportunity to enroll in a yearlong, immersion program that combined a 15-credit classroom curriculum with hands-on ministry experience.

Committee members believe the move to an academic setting is a natural fit that will provide access to the university’s infrastructure and make it more cost-effective.  

“The REACH program addresses all our priorities, especially in that it engages young adults in leadership, personal spiritual development, evangelism and the mission of the church,” says Dave Weigley, Columbia Union president. “Our desire is to see that continue and grow in the university setting.”

Union and university leaders will meet soon to develop next steps.

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