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Camp Blue Ridge prepares for its grand reopening this spring after implementing major renovations across campus.

Camp Blue Ridge Plans Grand Reopening

Story by Tiffany Doss

Although Potomac Conference's Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Va., temporarily closed its doors for regular business hours last season, God didn’t stop using it as a ministry. “Through the renovations and updates at camp, we built great relationships with our contractors,” explains Ray Queen, director. “One [of them] continues to ask questions about Jesus and the Sabbath.”

Queen jokes that some contractors had more opportunity than others to talk to God. “Not everyone is prepared for the journey on Highway 56—including the driver who delivered our new sewer treatment plant,” he says. “That day the driver talked to God for hours, starting with the first hairpin turn.”

For months, the manufacturing and postponed delivery of the treatment plant continued to be the biggest setback for camp, and a permit for operation could not be issued until it was replaced. The state-ofthe- art system now rests at its final destination.

Queen and his staff now prepare for a grand reopening this spring. “There’s hardly a building on campus that has not received an update,” Queen says. “Town Hall and the Welcome Center received total overhauls. The cafeteria got several major updates, including a new air conditioning system and restroom remodel. Buildings have been re-insulated and new roofs installed.” Plans continue for a new multi-purpose building/ gymnasium, road upgrades and renovations to the motel.

“Keep us in prayer as we continue to do God’s will in getting Camp Blue Ridge back to being ‘open for ministry!’” requests Queen.

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