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Brick Columns Symbolize Service

Story by WGTS Staff

It is completed! The final element of the new WGTS studios and offices has been completed--two beautiful engraved brick columns. These brick columns are a symbol of service. They show the sacrifice of hundreds of listeners who make this ministry center possible. Over 700 carefully engraved bricks make up two gateway columns in the entry of the media ministry.

“These two columns symbolize the traditional sidewalk gateway on the Washington Adventist University (WAU) campus where the ministry originated and where our primary studios were for 60 years. Graduates would walk through this gateway, symbolizing their transition from being students to going out to live a life of service, sharing Christ with the world,” says WGTS president and general manager Kevin Krueger. This is where our call letters W-G-T-S come from—Washington’s Gateway to Service. We continue to be a gateway to service—serving listeners in the Nation’s Capital as we invite them to serve alongside us by volunteering, sharing Christ, giving and praying.”

Each brick represents an individual or family that gave during the WGTS 91.9 Vision Campaign in the summer of 2018. Just under $1 million was given during the campaign. “These columns remind our team each day of the generous donations from our listeners which renews our commitment to serve this region and bring each listener one step closer to Christ,” says Krueger. 

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