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Seven-Year-Old Recovers From Being Hit by Car

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

Earlier this year, the Yeboah family of Allegheny East Conference's Philadelphia Ghana church had their lives turned upside down when their 7-year-old daughter, Jayzlyn, was hit by a car after exiting a school bus. As a result, she suffered a major brain injury causing her to be hospitalized for six months.

Doctors said her condition was grim and she needed to be airlifted to another hospital. But the unfavorable weather stood in the way. Doctors told the family they would have to transport her via ground travel and would need them to sign a waiver. “That’s when we knew how bad she was,” says Dickson Yeboah, Jayzlyn’s father.

The next several weeks proved to be touch-and-go, as Jayzlyn’s condition bounced between critical and stable. “They prepared us for the fact that she would probably be a vegetable,” recalls Dickson. However, the family chose to make their daughter’s condition a matter of prayer. They solicited prayers from Pastor Appiah Kwarteng, church family and friends.

They began to see God’s hand move in Jayzlyn’s condition. She became more responsive, moving her limbs, speaking and even singing. “It was truly a miracle,” says Afia Johnson, Jayzlyn’s mother. Even the doctors agreed—they had never seen someone with an injury like hers recover the way she did.

Local media outlets documented her release from the hospital, as she continued rehabilitation from home.

“We are so grateful to the support we received from everyone, and for the miracles God is still performing in Jayzlyn’s life!” exclaims Dickson.

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