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March 25, 2021: The Prayer Group

“Do not be afraid, Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen” (Isa. 44:2, NIV).

In 2016, I enrolled in an English class to improve my language skills. Our class of 30 students represented 17 different nationalities and beliefs. Four of us formed a small prayer group. We met after class to pray together, and sometimes arrived early to pray for our classmates. We periodically fasted, too, asking God to help us reach our secular friends for Him.

The results of our prayers revolutionized my ministry. By following Jesus’ method, we began to mingle with other students, establishing friendship networks and creating strong bonds.

Every Wednesday before we began English class, we had a study group. Students asked questions, and we provided biblical answers. In our study, I realized that, very few—although they defended their beliefs and outwardly practiced what they had learned—had an experience with God.

When we told the love story of God for humanity and His desire to make humanity happy, it touched the most sensitive fibers of their hearts. God’s love is universal. It gives us stability, dignity and belonging.

I began to show by example what the gospel of Jesus means. It was during those unforgettable moments in our Bible studies that our friendship and comprehension of other cultures and beliefs grew. Through this study of questions and interactive dialogues, we found God in a fresh way and started seeing changes in the classroom.

God did amazing things in my life and those of my friends. It was like Pentecost! Attending English class became a family reunion of many nations.

God, may we not be afraid to speak up for You. Amen.

Javier Moreno is the pastor of the Baltimore Spanish church in Maryland.

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