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New Jersey Conference Prioritizes Digital Evangelism

Story by Eduardo Monteiro

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After the Great Disappointment of 1844, something remarkable followed. Those who had experienced it endured many challenges, but they were not alone. An invisible presence of the Almighty led them by the hand. With renewed strength, they preached the eternal gospel within their immediate circles of influence, neighborhoods, towns and regions, until the message reached the entire country and beyond.

It is easy to overlook the significance of this feat, but consider that, just months before the Great Disappointment, the first long-distance telegraph was sent. The extensive cable infrastructure in the country would take years to build. Radio was still decades away. The pioneers were quick to adopt the most advanced technology available to them at the time: the printed page. Through newspaper articles and literature leaflets, they succeeded in propelling the message of hope to the world.

An essential lesson from the pioneers is the art and mastery of spreading the Word. Embracing today’s digital tools for evangelism can meet the needs of others in real-time. Jesus was a master storyteller who used parables to reach others. Today, New Jersey Conference leadership is committed to prioritizing digital evangelism to spread the gospel.

The conference is empowering their pastors, lay leaders, youth and adults to evangelize to their circles of influence through social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. God’s children are called to follow Jesus’ example of engaging communities both near and far, accepting them as they are, meeting their tangible needs, earning their trust, and then, inviting them to accept Christ into their hearts.

Resources for Digital Evangelism


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