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November 17, 2021: Keep on Moving

“Let us run with patience the race that is set before us” (Heb. 12:1, KJV).

I am not a runner, but have been married to a runner for 25 wonderful years. My wife, Malou, started running in college. About five years ago, I finally decided to join her. We have met many neighbors in our community and made friends in our town, out of state on vacation and overseas through our walking and running experience together.

While I enjoy running (most of the time), it has not been an easy ride. I have learned to keep on moving and “run with patience.” I run at my own pace and do not stop. I keep on moving while Malou passes me and comes back for me, sometimes more than once. Even when she leaves me, I know she will come back for me, and we will make it home together. And I know better than to try to outrun her. All I must do is to keep on moving and enjoy the experience at my own pace. To run with patience is not to compete but to enjoy the run.

In our spiritual lives, we must keep on running, knowing that we are not alone. The One who has set the race before us is always with us. At times, we may feel that we have been passed by, but we must continue to run with patience. And when we feel that we have left the path, we must return, knowing that our Savior is not only waiting for us, but is running toward us to complete the journey together (Luke 15:20).

Dear Lord, today and always, please help me to keep on moving with patience, and help me to never stop pursuing my spiritual journey with You. Amen.

Sadrail Saint-Ulysse is the superintendent of schools for the New Jersey Conference.

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