Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Alex DuBee, Erica Finnerty, Dee Casper

Organizers Invite ‘FRAN’ to Evangelistic Meetings

Story by Natalie Lilly

This spring, Alex Dubee, now retired pastor of the Pottsville and Hamburg churches, partnered with the CORE school of evangelism and local Bible worker Jack LaCamera to hold evangelistic meetings at both churches.

Instead of distributing handbills or going door to door with invitations, members invited FRAN— friends, relatives, associates and neighbors—to attend the evangelistic meetings. An average of 40–50 people attended each night of the monthlong series. Twelve people committed to baptism at the end of the program, with several continuing studies.

Dubee was especially touched by the story of a couple who had their membership removed from the Seventh-day Adventist Church books: “Anne* was praying for God to send her a godly husband after she met Jesus again. Mark*, a classmate of hers from many years ago, was attending the [evangelistic] meetings. The messages changed his life. Their friendship was rekindled. God truly brought them together.”

The Hamburg and Pottsville churches are gearing up for meetings again this fall and plan to continue to invite FRAN. “It is exciting to see Hamburg and Pottsville begin a cycle of evangelism,” shares Lillian Torres, assistant evangelism director for the conference. “The members are already praying, preparing to invite more FRAN to meetings.” 


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