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Kelly Doherty, Tigor Lettsome and Wendy Prado display their trophies from the Relentless2022 individual competition. Image by Melvin Donadelle

‘Relentless’ Camporee Drill and Drum Corps Results Are In

Drill and drum corps competitions have long been a staple of Pathfinder camporees. This tradition continued at the "Relentless" Columbia Union Camporee this August. The team and individual competitions took place at the Summit Bechtel Reserve grounds in Glen Jean, W.Va. 

Joel Hutchins, a staff member with Potomac Conference’s Sligo Challengers and who helps run the event, notes that at the last two international camporees in Oshkosh, Wis., drill teams from the Columbia Union entered in more competitions than any other union. He hopes more conferences and teams from the union will continue to join the event.

Drill Team/Drum Corps Competition Results

Allegheny East Conference 
2nd: Sentinels, Basic Drill Team

New Jersey Conference 
1st: Vineland Messengers, Basic Drill Team 
2nd: Flowers of Jesus, Basic Drill Team 
1st: Zion, Freestyle Drill Team

Pennsylvania Conference 
2nd: Allentown Hispanic, Golden Angels Advanced Drill team 
1st: Maranatha North Stars, Freestyle Drill Team 
2nd: Spanish Reading, Tekoa Basic Drill Team 
2nd: Grace Hispanic, Amigos of Jesus, Basic Drill Team

Potomac Conference 
1st: Community Praise Church Panthers, Basic Drill Team 
1st: Community Praise Church Panthers, Drum Corps 
1st: Hyattsville Spanish, Basic Drill Team 
1st: Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Basic Drill Team 
1st: Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Advanced Drill Team 
2nd: Restoration Praise Center, Basic Drill Team 
3rd: Metro Area, Drum Corps

Union Drill Down

Junior Girls (1012) 
1st: Paula Lewis, Community Praise Church Panthers, Potomac Conference 
2nd: Izabelle Graf, Seabrook, Potomac 
3rd: Kiara, Valley View Trailblazers, Pennsylvania Conference

Junior Boys (1012) 
1st: Jean Carlos, Woodbridge Spanish, Potomac  
2nd: Kai Snaith, Community Praise Church Panthers, Potomac 
3rd: Chase, Sentinels, Allegheny East Conference

Teen Girls (1315) 
 1st: Jarely Vela, Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Potomac 
 2nd: Anna Lewis, Community Praise Church Panthers, Potomac 
 3rd: Loreighne, Oxen Warriors, Allegheny East

Teen Boys (1315) 
1st: Daniel Molina, Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Potomac 
2nd: Kevin Ortega, Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Potomac 
3rd: Isaiah Graf, Seabrook Seahawks, Potomac

Teen Leadership Training 
1st: Rebekah Pittman, Beltsville Broncos, Potomac 
2nd: Alec O’Ffil, Beltsville Broncos, Potomac 
3rd: Kenneth Guruswamy, Beltsville Broncos, Potomac

Master Guide 
1st: Tigor Lettsome, Beltsville Broncos, Potomac 
2nd: Kelly Doherty, Sligo Challengers, Potomac 
3rd: Wendy Prado, Woodbridge Spanish Redwoods, Potomac


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