Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Art by Pieter Damsteegt

Using His Sanctified Imagination

Visit Pieter Damsteegt’s Instagram page, @imagineishful, and you’ll see artificial intelligence-generated images of the terrible beast of Daniel 7:7, a Babylon city park circa 600 B.C., and the rock in Exodus 17, among other spiritually focused themes.

Damsteegt, who attends Chesapeake Conference’s Triadelphia church in Clarksville, Md., creates the images by entering adjectives from Bible verses or stories into an app that produces a graphic illustration.

Damsteegt says he started developing his art to deepen his personal study time. “It’s helped my sanctified imagination get a grip on some concepts I hadn’t considered before. I don’t know, it will be fun to compare these to the real thing once we get to eternity,” he expresses.

He says he has created a couple hundred images, using some as graphics in his weekly YouTube Sabbath School class and others for pastors to illustrate in their sermons.

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