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King Solomon’s Wisdom

Editorial by Marvin C. Brown, III

King Solomon was known for his wisdom and fair judgments. In one famous story, two women appeared before him, each claiming to be the mother of a baby. They had given birth around the same time, and one of the babies had died. The surviving baby was the subject of their dispute. King Solomon listened to both women and decided to test their love for the child. He suggested cutting the baby in half and giving each mother half of the child. One of the women agreed to the idea, while the other begged him not to harm the child and let the other woman have it.

King Solomon declared that the woman who had pleaded for the child’s life was the true mother and awarded her the baby. The story became a testament to Solomon's wisdom and ability to discern truth.

Intellect may teach us how to make a living; true wisdom from God teaches us how to live.

The story of King Solomon and the two mothers highlights the importance of fair-ness, justice and empathy in our society today.

King Solomon was aware that the true mother would sacrifice anything to save the life of her own flesh and blood. And we, who are joined together by the blood of Christ, must have the same concern for the poor, oppressed and disenfranchised of society. We are flesh-and-blood brothers and sisters to our fellow human beings. And that's what distinguishes us as truly wise.

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