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Edmondson Heights Hosts ‘Service Sabbath’

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

This year, the Edmondson Heights (Md.) church has designated every fourth Sabbath as “Service Sabbath.” Edmondson Heights has built a shared partnership ministry comprised of small groups called “care teams” to engage members. On the designated Sabbath, church members spend the day focusing on their community.

They begin Sabbath morning with an abbreviated worship service and immediately engage in outreach following the program.

“Intentional discipleship through a small group ministry is one way to help believers and nonbelievers experience God in their lives and to support them in their journey toward becoming deeply committed disciples of Christ,” says Lee Kimani, pastor.

Kimani and church elders visit those who are experiencing sickness or unable to leave their homes, while the Community Services team manages the food distribution. Other members distribute literature, call missing members or participate in other community service projects. The hospitality team prepares sack lunches and soup for all who participate. Above all, “Service Sabbath” allow each member to engage in practical ministry in the context of the areas in which they are passionate.

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