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Newly re-elected Mountain View Conference officers- Victor Zill and Tim Bailey

Mountain View Conference Holds Quinquennial Celebration, Re-Elects Officers

The Mountain View Conference (MVC) Second Quinquennial Constituency session, held April 28, was a time of celebration. “We wanted it to be a time to show others how God has led us in the past, and where we are heading into the future,” states Tim Bailey, the re-elected president. Members learned about the new conference initiative, “Let’s Grow Together,” and heard about ways to accomplish that. 

At the session, delegates re-elected Tim Bailey as president and Victor Zill as executive secretary/treasurer. Delegates also voted Moorefield Spanish Company into the Mountain View Conference as a church. 

“God has shown His leading in many ways in our conference already,” states Bailey, “and as we strive for our five-year goal of doubling our membership and tripling our attendance, we are so excited to see how He will do it, with our cooperation.”

Part of the celebration included the baptisms of two people who committed their hearts and lives to God.

Another reason for celebration was the ordination of Larry Murphy to the gospel ministry. Murphy pastors the Central Hills, Fairmont and Grafton churches in W.Va. Murphy and his wife, Annabel, have been serving in the MVC for 12 years. 

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