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Mountain View Conference, Conference Hosts First Annual Men’s Retreat , Angel Rodriquez, Valley Vista Adventist Center

Mountain View Conference Hosts First Annual Men’s Retreat

Story by Liz Baily

After years of seeing their wives get away for a weekend retreat, men of the Mountain View Conference (MVC) finally had their turn. In October 2023, more than 40 men went to Valley Vista Adventist Center in Huttonsville, W.Va., for MVC’s first annual Men’s Retreat. For those who arrived early on Friday, fishing was on the schedule in Valley Vista’s own lake.

Angel Rodriquez, pastor of Ohio Conference’s Akron district, was the guest speaker for the weekend. Rodriguez spoke to the men about how to be a man of God in their church, their jobs, with their wives and as fathers to their children. “There were older, experienced men who came, and there were younger, single men who wanted to be surrounded by that Christian experience,” states Rodriguez. “Together, we bonded as one under the banner of Christ.”

Rodriguez continues, “As a pastor, it was very inspirational to me to see that so many men would come to a series to learn how to become better role models to their church and their families.”

Sabbath afternoon, the men had the opportunity to ask questions to a panel on how to become better role models and how to more effectively spread the gospel in the conference.

Besides inspirational talks, the men enjoyed a weekend of Christian fellowship and activities geared just for them, such as a movie night and fire making. Walter Cardenas, assistant to the president, and his son, Nathaniel, were the first to start a fire. “As a father,” states Cardenas, “it was a blessing to bring my son and have him see men of different ages, sharing their faith and showing interest in him.”

Tim Bailey, MVC president, states, “The weekend was a real blessing to our men, and we hope even more come next year,” referring to the second annual Men’s Retreat, which will be held Sept. 6–8, 2024, at Valley Vista Adventist Center.

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