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President Returns to His Roots, Celebrates Revival , Mountain View Conference,

Mountain View Conference President Returns to His Roots, Celebrates Revival

Story by Liz Bailey

Thirty-six years ago, a young, newlywed pastor came home from his honeymoon and started working in his first district in Wheeling, W.Va. On Nov. 11, 2023, this same pastor, Tim Bailey, now the Mountain View Conference president, returned to that same district and Wheeling church to hold revival/reaping meetings. “As we are encouraging evangelism in our conference,” states Bailey, “I feel it is important to lead by example. And what better place than where I started my ministry?”

In preparation for the revival, Clayton Powell, current Wheeling pastor, and his wife, Melodi, started working the fields months ahead. “I actually had nonmembers—current Bible study contacts—already inviting their friends to come to the meetings,” states Powell. On opening night, 30 people visited the church for the very first time.

The revival meetings lasted for eight consecutive days, ending in mid-November.

On the final Sabbath, four women joined the Wheeling family through baptism. The church celebrated the high Sabbath with a harp concert given by Kaili Kimbrow (pictured), a college friend of the Powells, and a Thanksgiving fellowship dinner. The following Sabbath witnessed a profession of faith, with four commitments for future baptisms.

“The Final Events series was very eye-opening,” states Beth Carden, who joined the church by profession of faith, “and I am excited to continue exploring Scripture concerning these events! I am anticipating more and more growth and discovery as to what it truly means to be a Seventh-day Adventist as I continue to follow Jesus Christ.”

Powell continued the meetings twice a week through the remainder of the year for new members and other visitors who wanted to study and learn Bible truths.

“What a blessing to be in Wheeling for the meetings,” states Bailey. “It felt like being home again for my wife and me, and we were excited to see more souls joining the family of God.”

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