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Trevor Donaldson (in white shirt and tie), lay pastor of the St. Leonard Emmanuel church, prays alongside leaders during Ministries’ Appreciation Day.

St. Leonard Emmanuel Holds Second Annual Ministry Day

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

The St. Leonard (Md.) Emmanuel church recently held its second annual Ministries’ Appreciation Day, where they recognized the value and contributions of each ministry in the church.

On this day, each ministry leader takes a “break” and sits with his/her family during the church service as the church spotlights the various ministries. During his sermon, titled “Scars of Service,” Trevor Donaldson, lay pastor, said, “We so appreciate the time and energy that each ministry leader puts into the church and the sacrifices they make. We want to express how immensely grateful we are for their service and just say thank you.”

During the service, Donaldson shared a video highlighting the accomplishments of the various ministries in 2023: three “Outfitting the Community” events where members donated hundreds of items and food to people in the community; the addition of 15 members through baptisms, transfers and professions of faith; a fellowship
game night at a new members’ home, with more than 20 children (including community children); and two virtual weeks of prayer.

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