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I Cooked With God

Story by Visitor Staff

While serving as a volunteer at the Reach International Children’s Home in Santa Barbara, Honduras, Mandy Corea was in charge of cooking breakfast for about 70 people.

One morning she walked into the kitchen, like she did every morning, and couldn’t find matches to light the gas stove.

Corea, Campus Ministries director and English as a Second Language teacher at Chesapeake Conference’s Highland View Academy in Hagerstown, Md., looked all over the place, searched various storage rooms and went into people’s rooms to see if anyone had matches, she says. She continued looking for about 40 minutes, stressed because she needed to prepare breakfast before the kids left for school.

“I finally stopped and prayed and asked God to please help me find matches so [the students] wouldn’t have to go to school hungry,” she says. “I decided to go look in the kitchen storage area one last time. I was hopeful in my search because I had prayed. I searched, but to no avail; there were no matches anywhere. I went back into the kitchen and saw something—the stove was lit! All four pilot lights were burning. There was no one in the kitchen, and no one was even awake yet. I cooked with God that morning. He lit the stove for me so that a few people in the mountains of Honduras could have breakfast.”

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