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Book Release: King Jesus is Coming

King Jesus is comingBook Release: King Jesus is Coming
Interview by Dawna-gene Milton

Margaret Roberts Davis recently published King Jesus is Coming, a daily inspirational devotional about the second coming of Jesus. Davis writes about the urgency of His return and the prophecies that are coming true today. She says it will give hope for a better place where we can all rejoice with Him.

Davis is a retired university assistant vice president who loves being a grandmother. She is a member of Miracle Temple church in Baltimore and also attends Baltimore First church in Ellicott City, Md., where she resides.


Visitor: What inspired you to write this devotional?

Davis: After I completed my first book, Fear Not: Is There Anything Too Hard For God? I was impressed to write a second one. I prayed for almost a week to seek God’s will on the topic and woke up on the sixth morning with the topic “My Second Coming” impressed in my mind. Realizing the timeliness of this topic and with the direction of the Holy Spirit, I wrote King Jesus is Coming.

Visitor: How do you hope this book prepares others for the Second Coming?

Davis: Evil has plagued mankind since the fall, but never with such frequency or abandon. Earth is in peril. Sin, corruption, crime and selfishness are wearing it out like a garment—a tell-tale sign that Jesus is coming soon. The book is intended to be an unvarying reminder to the readers of the imminence of His second coming and the need to lift up their eyes to the heavens and seek the salvation which lasts forever before it is too late.

MargaretDavisVisitor: How were you blessed by writing King Jesus is Coming?

Davis: I daily experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit as I labored over this work. My awareness of Jesus’s Second Coming enfolded my entire being, prompting me to examine myself to ensure I am ready for this imminent, unparalleled event. It also moved me to not only pray diligently, but also to call out to God in anguished concern for the salvation of my loved ones while time lasts. Reading, researching and studying this topic also provided excellent new insight into Biblical prophecy in the enormity of Jesus’ love for fallen humanity and in the Spirit of Prophecy.

Visitor: This is your second book; do you have plans for a third?

Davis: Yes, in fact I have already started a third devotional book. The new book is tentatively titled Trials, Troubles and Tribulations: Love Taps from God. It explores why God allows suffering, the need to patiently wait for Him to alleviate it if not in this life in His kingdom, how disciples are expected to share in Jesus’ suffering, finding joy in suffering and trusting God through it all among other things


Visit Potomac Adventist book and Health Food Store in Silver Spring, Md, or Amazon or Barnes & Noble to purchase King Jesus is Coming.



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