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Community Church Christmas Play Yields 22 Baptisms

Community Church Christmas Play Yields 22 Baptisms
Story by Yvette McNaught

Twenty-two people, mostly youth, expressed their desire to be baptized when Pastor Ivor Keizer made an appeal after a Christmas play at the Community church in Englewood, N.J.

“I had a desire in my heart to give everyone an opportunity to end 2014 right with God and begin 2015 with a renewed desire for the kingdom,” shares Keizer.

Upon baptism, the church assigned each of the 22 members a “church parent” to help nurture them in their spiritual journey. “Much like a newborn baby has parents who nurture and provide love to their child, the church parent will provide support and be there for their newly adopted member,” explains Keizer.

This marked one of the largest baptisms in Community’s recent history.

Caption: Twenty-two new members rejoice after their baptisms. Photograph by Roy Daniel.

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