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Allegheny East Conference Members Bike for Christian Education

Doggete_irideAllegheny East Conference Members Bike for Christian Education
Story by LaTasha Hewitt

The Allegheny East Conference (AEC) school system is on their way to long-term sustainability because of a new fundraising bike-a-thon, say leaders. iRideAEC, a conference-wide initiative, stemmed from the vision of Jackson Doggette, AEC general counsel and director of Philanthropy and Trust Services. “I raised money to help fight leukemia by joining a bike-a-thon. As director of philanthropy, I thought this is something I can do to help give our Allegheny East Conference children a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. I hope every member, young and old, contributes something in this effort,” says Doggette.

September 27-October 11 Doggette and his riding team will cover nearly 900 miles, spanning five states and the District of Columbia. He will stop at each of the 11 schools in the AEC territory to raise money for Adventist education. He hopes to raise $1 million to assist AEC members collectively and individually.

Although the bike-a-thon begins in September, the fundraising began March 1. Members are encouraged to volunteer at and attend one of the six community days across the conference territory.

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