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92-Year-Old Kettering Member Makes Friends Through CHIP

By Chris VanDenburgh

Ohio Conference’s Kettering church recently held its first CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) program. The 30-day healthy lifestyle course drew nearly 50 attendees and nurtured new friendships.

Kettering member Millie Mills, 92, a longtime CHIP ( participant, relishes her job as a table host and delights in making new friends. Recently, during her daily four-mile walk, Mills met Todd, a young man walking his dog. She couldn’t resist telling him about Kettering’s CHIP program, set to start that evening. Intrigued, Todd agreed to bring his girlfriend, Kim. 

The couple did come and joined Mills at her table. Impressed with the program and eager to learn more, Todd and Kim attended faithfully. Since graduating from the program, the three have remained close, walk regularly together, and enjoy healthy dinners and monthly CHIP alumni meetings. 


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