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Emmanuel Worship Center Reads Bible in a Month

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

The Emmanuel Worship Center in Alexandria, Va., recently hosted a Bible reading marathon, in which members were charged to read the entire Bible in one month. Members developed a reading schedule that included reading together during Sabbath School and the worship service and reading individually during the week.

At the conclusion of the marathon, many—including three prospective members—requested more in-depth study of various books of the Bible. Now the church is studying the book of Acts on Wednesday nights, Romans on Sabbath mornings and Revelation on Sabbath afternoons.

Several participants shared how the project impacted them. “My friend and I were incredibly blessed … to join in reading the Bible with a group of believers,” shares member Eveythe Cargill.

“It has reawakened a personal hunger for God’s Word,” says member Howell Henderson.

“I got a sense of the connectedness in Scripture. I can see how quotes from the Old Testament fit into the New Testament,” explains member S. June Kennedy.

“[It] has been a joyful and fulfilling exercise … and a rediscovery of God’s mercy, justice and undying love for humanity,” adds Mahadere Getachew.

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