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In This World, But Not of It

Editorial by Rob Gettys

This world is not our home. Most of us understand this biblical principle found in Hebrews 13:14 that encourages us to keep our sights set on the kingdom of heaven. The question we face is, “How do we properly maintain a balance between this principle and the message in Luke 19:13 that tells us to ‘occupy’ or ‘do business’ until He comes?”

These two biblical principles seem to contradict each other. However, as we look closer, I believe we will realize that it comes down to how we choose to live the lives that God has so generously given to us.

As a high school student, your goal may be to do your best in all of your classes and prepare yourself very well for college and your future. At first glance, that can seem to be very earthly minded. Can that be done while not being “of this world”? We agree that our students should excel academically, physically and socially, right? That is, indeed, a big part of the design of our school’s program. However, it is not the primary objective.

Our main goal is that we want our students to experience those successes, understanding that this world is not our final home.

Jesus focused on those around Him during His earthly ministry, but He was consistent in understanding how His daily activities were always subjected to His heavenly responsibilities.

That’s how we want to lead our students, as we encourage them to always seek to do their best, but to do it in a way that moves us and those around us closer to Jesus. The goal of Seventh-day Adventist education is all about being excellent in the world, but not of it.

Rob Gettys serves as the principal of Highland View Academy.

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