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Attend a 2024 Camp Meeting Near You!

By Ricardo Bacchus

Camp meeting season is a time for relaxation, rejuvenation and relationships. With those three "Rs" in mind, find out what to expect at your 2024 local camp meeting, from speakers and seminars to musical performances and children's programming.

Allegheny East Conference:

English: June 27–July 7

Allegheny West Conference:

Hispanic: May 24–25

English: June 12–15

Chesapeake Conference

Hispanic: June 6–9

English: June 11–15

Mountain View Conference

English: June 14–22

Hispanic: June 26–28

New Jersey Conference

English: June 20–22

Hispanic: June 27–29

Ohio Conference

English and Hispanic (combined): September 27–28

Pennsylvania Conference

English: June 7–15

Hispanic: June 21–23

Potomac Conference

Hispanic: June 6–9

English—In the Valley: June 20–22

English—Convocation: September 21

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