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Bevercreek church member Esther Gordon presents a gift to a guest.

Beavercreek Church Celebrates Community Guest Day

Story by Francis Tuffour

Ohio Conference's Beavercreek church recently held a community guest day, honoring officials from the city council, educators, health care professionals, and human and social service providers.

Attendees included leaders Daniel Tryon, president of Soin Medical Center and Greene Memorial of Kettering Health; Spencer Hannah, interim principal of Spring Valley Academy; Alex Johnson, interim president of Central State University; Sharon Fulcher, director of Feed the Creek; Michelle Collier, executive director of Good Neighbor House; Paul Hoover, senior ambassador for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA); Don Adams, councilmember of Beavercreek; and Bob Stone, mayor of Beavercreek.

In his welcome address, Delthony Gordon, lead pastor of Beavercreek church, described the collaborative relationship between the church and community leaders. “It’s a privilege to be in a vibrant community in which we engage each other, support each other and serve together … here in Beavercreek,” he said.

Tyron expressed gratitude and commended the church for its presence in the community. He thanked church members for their support to hospital staff and patients. “You put in prayer for the people that are in need and hurting and in pain across the community,” he said. “We see the blessing of that prayer and blessing of God’s presence.”

Stone shared that Beavercreek is known for different types of churches. “We’re blessed to have a real variety in this community, and it is the variety of the people and the different experiences they bring that make this community great,” he said. He praised the church for its contribution to the city. Other leaders shared greetings and messages.

To show its appreciation, the church presented gifts to all the guests. Joel Halladay, church elder, led a special prayer for community leaders following an invitation for them to come to the front of the sanctuary.

Preaching on the “Cornerstones of Our Faith,” Gordon shared the five Bible-based truths of creation, God’s commandments, Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, and His second coming. He then stressed that the Seventh-day Adventist Church got its name because members believe in God as the Creator, His unchanging laws, and His first and second coming.

The service ended with the hymn “Jesus is Coming Again,” and a scriptural benediction from Joe Gilford, an elder at Beavercreek. Guests and members had a fellowship meal together after the service.

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