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Chesapeake Conference Camp Meeting to Feature Mark Finley, Youth Programming

Story by Evan Knott

Mark Finley will be the featured speaker for Chesapeake Conference’s 2024 Camp Meeting, which will take place June 11–15 at Highland View Academy in Hagerstown, Md. Attendees can look forward to daily sessions with Finley, with a focus on experiencing hope and freedom through faith.

Finley is an international speaker and evangelist renowned for his dynamic and relevant messages. He has presented more than 200 evangelistic campaigns in about 100 countries, with the resulting baptisms numbering in the thousands. He currently serves as assistant to the president of the General Conference and previously served as a vice president and general field secretary. His best-known association is as a pioneer of satellite evangelism technology when he launched the first NET evangelism satellite series broadcast in North America in 1995, and again in 1996, 2000 and 2008. He has preached more than 20 NET series broadcasts throughout the world, with millions in attendance. He is also known as a speaker for the It Is Written telecast and a speaker for the TV series, Experience Hope, a weekly broadcast of the Hope Channel.

Andre Hastick, Chesapeake Conference executive secretary and camp meeting coordinator, expressed enthusiasm for this year’s event: “This year’s camp meeting will prove to be a very special experience for our conference. For every member who attends, it adds a unique chapter to our shared story of faith and fellowship. We look forward to the Lord blessing us all during a full week of focus on spiritual inspiration and mission.”

Messiah's Mansion Exhibit

New to camp meeting this year, Chesapeake Conference has arranged for a life-size replica of the biblical sanctuary to be on display, provided by Messiah’s Mansion. This unique feature promises to bring Scripture to life, offering attendees a tangible way to understand the rich imagery of the Mosaic Sanctuary that God instructed Moses to build in the wilderness. Through guided tours, attendees will be able to see the plan of salvation brought to life with the visual aid of the sanctuary furniture.

Camp Meeting Seminars

This year’s camp meeting will feature a wide array of daily seminars, offering attendees unique opportunities to deepen their relationship with God and learn how to effectively share their faith with others. Teenie Finley, international speaker and representative for Hope Channel, will host a cooking show that will provide practical tips for living a healthier life in harmony with the Bible and spiritual well-being. Wes Peppers, It Is Written’s evangelism director, will teach practical strategies for witnessing and evangelism, while Jony Hajaj, Intercultural Studies and Discipleship director for Adventist Frontier Missions, will share insights on ministering to Muslims. Frank Hasel, associate director of the Biblical Research Institute, will explore themes of revival and prayer. Additionally, Shelvan Arunan, Chesapeake Conference associate Ministerial director, will present a seminar on dealing with church conflict.

Children’s and Youth Programming

A cornerstone of the camp meeting experience each year is the vibrant programming available for children and teenagers. This year’s camp meeting will be filled with opportunities for young attendees to engage in worship, participate in fun and educational activities, go on field trips and play games that foster a deeper connection with God and each other. This programming ensures that camp meeting is a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for attendees of all ages!

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