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It’s Not Just a Service

Editorial by H. Candace Nurse

When the Lord called me to be the secretary/treasurer of the Columbia Union Revolving Fund (CURF), I did not truly understand the magnitude of my assignment. Walking in, I knew that CURF was an amazing organization that helped many entities fulfill their mission in spreading the gospel, but what I did not realize was how many lives are impacted by what CURF employees do on a daily basis.

CURF is known mostly for lending money to Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools and other eligible institutions throughout the Columbia Union. However, we also raise funds to provide these loans by offering notes to our Adventist members and entities within our territory. Noteholders—those who invest/purchase notes from CURF—can use the money to renovate a home or pay for a wedding. Both the Loan and Note Programs have an important impact in advancing the mission.

Here Is What You Don't Know

My personal interactions with our borrowers have afforded me the ability to see the faithfulness of church members. Many congregations have saved for years in order to stop renting and can now purchase a new church building so that current and future generations can serve the community in their own “home.”

This job has allowed me the opportunity to pray with pastors, finance chairs and treasurers as they navigate financial stresses. Together, we place those requests in the Lord’s hands and witness His miraculous answers.

But it does not stop there. I have experienced so many incredible and God-fearing noteholders who were able to save funds for a new car or home or even purchase a note to help their children or grandchildren have a financial nest egg for the future. Those interactions are always inspiring.

Being able to connect with an individual who has just lost a loved one and who needs help navigating their CURF account during this transition in life is a bittersweet blessing. In other cases, helping a noteholder buy a new vehicle, save for a new business or start a college fund is an exciting experience. It’s not just a service; it is a connection in which I allow the Holy Spirit to lead and allow me to minister to others.

CURF’s motto, “Making Ministry Possible,” is exactly what we do. Whether it be through offering loans, notes or a listening ear, we strive to make ministry possible each day. Just as God equipped others to build the body of Christ in Ephesians 4:11–13, He has equipped you and I to do the same. CURF provides us with the means to actively contribute to the expansion of God’s kingdom, whether it be financially or spiritually. Let’s together make ministry possible!

H. Candace Nurse serves as the secretary/treasurer of the Columbia Union Revolving Fund.

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