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Longtime Allegheny East Conference Employee Retires

Longtime Conference Employee Retires
Story by LaTasha Hewitt

In September, after nearly 53 years of service, Robert L. Booker retired from his post as communication director of the Allegheny East Conference. His employment with the AEC began in 1962 when he became a teacher at Pine Forge Academy (PFA) in Pine Forge, Pa. He served as a teacher for 12 years, and as a registrar for three of those years.

Booker moved to the conference office in 1975, first serving as the director of two departments, education and communication. During his employment at AEC, he also served as the director the Sabbath School, Education, church ministries, Community Service and Children’s Ministries departments, among other roles. He also served on numerous boards across the North American Division.

Booker says that one of his proudest accomplishments was being instrumental in encouraging the formation of the present National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association and PFA’s Student Association. Another proud achievement occurred in 1976 while he worked as the director of education. Booker advocated for AEC teachers. Their paychecks were based on contributions from the local churches and they sometimes had to wait weeks or months to receive their wages. He proposed that teachers become contractual workers under the conference, assuring that they would be paid on time each month.
Although Booker is eager to start some new projects, retirement is bittersweet. “It was fun working here, and I’ll miss everyone,” he says.

He is married to the former Audrey E. Fordham, the PFA nurse.


Hi Bob:
Happy Retirement! I have missed working with you since Columbia Union days. Give my hugs to Audrey and both of you take time to come visit us. I actually retired for the second time, too.

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