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En el artículo principal de Visitor de este mes, el escritor Benjamin A. Baker nos presenta la vida de Henry Wright, quien durante 20 años ha pastoreado el Community Praise Center de Potomac Conference en Alexandria, Virginia. Su último día en el púlpito de esta iglesia será el 3 de mayo. Luego, servirá como pastor en la iglesia de Takoma Park, Maryland.

Most longtime singles have had to endure intrusive but well-meaning inquiries into their marital status, not only from adorable kindergartners but also grandparents, parents and caring church folk. One Adventist single offers her candid opinion about being single in the church today, and what she learned from hosting her first singles event.

Seventh-day Adventists employ a number of creative ways to share their faith and minister to others. As you look for ways to reach your community this holiday season, and in the year ahead, you may want to pick up your December Visitor as it includes imaginative examples of ministry in motion. Below is one story of creative evangelism: