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Harrisburg Eben-Ezer Hispanic church pathfinders

Harrisburg Eben-Ezer Hispanic Connects Community Kids

Story by Tamyra Horst

This year, the Harrisburg Eben-Ezer Hispanic church opened their Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs to children in their community. Church members made lists of friends and families in the community who had children. Pathfinder Director Carlos Mosquette and his team contacted people on the list, inviting them to register their kids for Pathfinders and Adventurers.

Ten of the 19 young people inducted into this year’s clubs is a result of intentionally connecting with friends and family. Adhering to local COVID-19 restrictions, church attendance reached its capacity at their recent Pathfinder and Adventurer induction service. Pastor Pedro Alberteris reports that 60 percent of the attendees were from the community.

“We had more guests for this service than we do for our evangelistic meetings,” Alberteris shares. “One of the most sustainable ways to reach the community and grow God’s kingdom during this pandemic is through Pathfinders and Adventurers. The children need a place to belong and grow.”

Conference Youth Director Todd Casey adds, “Club ministries such as Pathfinders is an excellent evangelistic tool that is often overlooked by many. It is one of the truest forms of friendship evangelism. What child wouldn’t want to go on a campout with their friends? What makes this campout different, however, is that while there, they will not only explore the great outdoors but also learn more about a friend named Jesus.”

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