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Allegheny East Conference

News from the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which includes churches and schools in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Paula Olivier, pastor of First church of Montclair in Montclair, N.J., says that for years the Lord impressed her to explain the Sabbath in a different way. “As Seventh-day Adventists, I think we excel at explaining the ‘what‘ of our beliefs, but sometimes pay little attention to the ’why.’ I believe that once [we] define the “why,” we can teach others to embrace the Sabbath as an extension of God’s love for us,” she adds.

Allegheny East Conference's Maryland Central Korean church in Gaithersburg sparked a Sabbath movement that now reaches all the way to South Korea. The Return to the Bible Movement, a mission project to spread the Sabbath message to local Protestant pastors and elders through advertising, began in November 2011.

Para el Global Youth Day [día global de jóvenes] de la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, las iglesias de Allegheny East Conference participaron en varias actividades de enfoque comunitario como el “sermón” de ese día. Además de oraciones y abrazos gratuitos, la iglesia Rehoboth Spanish en Reading, Pa., distribuyó té caliente de jengibre, batidos de frutas y granola hecha en casa.