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Director Shares How Germantown Church’s Drama Ministry Impacts Others

Interview by Armina N. McElveen; Photos by Michael Pearson

Ina Farrel writes, produces and directs a play at the Germantown church each Easter weekend. Ina Farrel writes, produces and directs a play at the Germantown church each Easter weekend.

Over Easter weekend, hundreds attended a stage play at Allegheny East Conference’s Germantown church in Philadelphia called The Case (see pictures below). We talk to Ina E. Farrell, who wrote, directed and produced the play. Some 75-plus members from the Germantown church, surrounding Seventh-day Adventist churches and from the community helped make this year’s play a reality. This is the third play they’ve staged on Easter weekend. Below, Farrell talks more about this ministry:

Q: How did you first get involved in this kind of ministry?

A: I attended a church where the drama ministry director moved to another state, so I took on the task of being the drama ministry leader. My background is in theater and voice.

Q: Tell us about this year’s play?

A: The overarching theme this year is that no one is too far gone for God to save them. A man was arrested for murder, but it didn't happen like everyone thought.  

Q: What is the impact you’re hoping to have by doing the play?

A: I want to convey to the world that although life is difficult, Jesus still saves lives. God is in control of it all. 

Q: Do the plays always have an Easter theme?

A: Somewhat. The goal is always to bring the cross forward. Oftentimes, people think of the cross as something that happened years ago. Although the event was many years ago, the significance of His Resurrection is powerful and lives even now in our lives today.

Q: What's the biggest audience you've ever had?

A: 5,000 

Q: What was the most surprising thing you’ve heard participants or spectators say about the play?A: Many have said that they saw themselves in the characters in the play. One person said that the play was so moving, she wanted to accept Christ on the spot. For the crew, it was the internal ministry. There were cast members who did not feel like they could come out of their shell and perfect the roles they were given. I think that the “sowing into the cast” was amazing. They have shared that it has changed their lives. Some have been able to see themselves in the characters on the stage. The relationships that have been formed during this process have been phenomenal. What has been the most rewarding for me is being able to give the cast tangible solutions by introducing and reintroducing the cast to Christ.

Q. What pushes you to do a play each year?

A: Although we are ministering to others, we have been blessed also. We have ministered to each other and have established lasting relationships.

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