Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

September 2022

Kettering College has been awarded a grant aimed at creating and implementing a comprehensive education program for community health workers in Dayton, Ohio. The funding will be effective immediately through September of 2025, awarding $1,847,399 to the university.  

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is preparing to launch a national emergency management plan (NEMP) in South Sudan to assist the hundreds of thousands of families, children, and individual people affected by the catastrophic floods.

G. Alexander Bryant preaches at Allegheny West Conference's event

Soixante-quatre personnes ont été baptisées lors du récent réveil "Impact Columbus"-Sharing Hope de la Fédération Allegheny West (AWC).  « C'est l'une des expériences les plus extraordinaires que nous ayons vécues à Columbus depuis des décennies », déclare Marvin C. Brown, III, président de l'AWC.

The Executive Leadership team from the New Jersey Conference. Carlos Portonova, Jorge Aguero and Stephen Lee. image by Jorge Pillco

More than 390 delegates to the New Jersey Conference’s (NJC) 41st regular constituency meeting recently gathered at the Robbinsville church to review and celebrate the ministry achievements over the last quinquennium and to vote in the executive leadership team for the next five years.